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Invest Smart

There are no extra points for complexity in investing. People often think investing is very complex, but actually investing is straightforward and clear, and if you just separate out human emotions and allow natural probability to guide you then you can acquire investment independence.


Upgrade your investment Peer Group and get access to research based strategies, tools and the Fearless Wealth Portfolio. After all connecting live with the person behind the numbers is important.


I specialize in working with professionals who earn well, but have noticed that their income has not increased their net worth. They would like to acquire the choice to not work in the future.

Money Management

I help people grow and protect their money. If you believe you shouldn’t always be in the market, especially when it falls 50%, then perhaps you might like my approach.

Six Free Training Videos

Imagine this scenario. Your investments avoided the 50% fall in the stock market in 2000? And then again when the stock market fell 58% from 2007 to 2009? What if your investments knew how to avoid large, future-stunting losses? Sound like a stretch? It’s been happening, for 15 years, for the people who have watched these six videos below. Just click and watch.


How We Are Different

We believe there a longer periods of time that it is actually safer to be out of the stock market then always being in it. We also believe that investing effectively over any five-year period can be done with less complexity and complete clarity while providing people with great returns.

No Complexity

What if… the things people have told you about investing were not true? What if investing wasn’t actually complicated or complex? We found the answer and it’s not complicated.

Complete Clarity

The single biggest contributor to our success has been our clarity about how our system works and the reason people choose to grow their money our way, year over year.

Great Returns

After all, if the returns have not been great, then what is the point of looking for a different way to grow and protect your money in these uncertain and highly manipulated times?


Upgrade Your Peer Group

Your wealth will almost always be the average of the six people you spend the most time with. So, if you would like to upgrade your net worth (and life’s choices) then you might have to upgrade your investment peer group to get you to where you want to be, now.

Weekly Market Report Shows You
What Works In This Market Without
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You went to the big box advisor…that didn’t work. You went to the independent advisor…that didn’t work. You went to the “pick of the month” investment newsletters…that didn’t work. You went to the weekend workshop…that didn’t work. And in all that time you have only learned what does not work. Would you like to know what really works in investing? Enter your information and let me show you what really works in investing.


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