It's Time.

Even more important than money, is how you manage it.

You want to know why?

The Steps:

  • 1

    Watch The 5 Minute Video Above.

    Seriously start with the video. It will help with your clarity and you will learn what this Strategy Session is and is not about.

  • 2

    Do You Pass The Filter?

    (1) You must either earn or have earned a 6-Figure income.
    (2) You must have $300k or more at risk in stocks/bonds/cash.
    (3) I'm not able to provide free financial advice or talk about XYZ, ABC or 123 ticker symbols. This conversation is NOT about Research, you already have that. This conversation is about digging in and learning what's really creating the "investment gap" in your life.

  • 3

    Fill Out The 5-Minute Questionnaire

    When you click the button below you will be first redirected to the 5 minute questionnaire. This is a necessary step as it will allow us to get into a strategy-like conversation and bypass logistical information right away.
    *Please note, if you don't fill this questionnaire out, then we don't meet. There are no exceptions. If you are having a problem with the questionnaire, just let us know. Direct line is 650.257.0207. Make sense?

  • 4

    Schedule Your Strategy Call

    After filling out the questionnaire you will be redirected to a page where you can schedule a time to talk with me.
    *Please note, I actually conduct these strategy sessions and I only have sessions on Thursday's and Friday's. So these times can fill up fast.

  • 5

    Be On Time (I'm Serious)

    How you treat me and this conversation is how you treat your money. So treat this conversation well. You and I will get on the phone and talk about what is and is not working. Be in a place you can speak freely. And the next steps will be clear.

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What Happens After The Breakthrough meeting? You are going to be having one of three experiences:

  1. The meeting provided value, clarity and insight... and you're glad you finally had it. If this is the case, you may (or may not) be invited to join my "invitation-only" training.
  2. The meeting was a waste of time and held absolutely no value for you. You can't believe you wasted an hour of your life... if this is the case then something went horribly wrong because this quite literally has never happened in 19 years of being in business. And if it does happen then you know I will not be able to help you.
  3. You finally see a better way... A way with clarity, growth and safe acceleration. But you are just so scared to make a move... and so you hope somehow that things will just fix themselves even though that hasn't ever happened. And so you start to get clear with yourself that the solution may feel uncomfortable but great to your money.
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