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Sometimes having a battle-tested investment adviser can be the best option for growing your money. After all sometimes knowing what to do is not enough.

Fearless Wealth is a research and training company. RC Peck also has a wealth management company. His money management firm, which is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm believes in answering the only two questions you need to know can best protect and grow your money. Those two questions:

(1) Is the S&P500 in high probable or low probability mode?

(2) Where is the money flowing?

After you get those two questions answered then your age and self described risk tolerance can be added in. But until you know the answers to the two most important questions… your age and self-described risk tolerance can wait. After all, if you don’t even know those two answers does your age really matter as much as the big-box adviser world wants you to believe?  When you’d like to know what is next, please just reach out and connect with us via phone or email.

If we can help you with your investments in any way we’ll do our best. A great place to start is with our “second opinion” or “portfolio x-ray” strategy meeting. This is where we look at your portfolio and point out real time where your biggest financial leaks are.

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