Three New Lifetime Highs And How "We" Knew

This is not a trick question…

“What if there was nothing to report on?”

I’m asking you this question because you’ve most likely “hired” a writer (they call themselves editors in the “pick-of-the-month” newsletter world) to tell you a story each day (Hour? half-day?) about the stock market… EVEN if there’s nothing to talk about.

What would happen if this was true?

Meaning, what if you entered into a contractual agreement between you and this writer for him/her to write-away about how profit margins are too high and valuations are too high and the dollar is about to crash…how China is now the place to invest… and how real estate is about to crash and so on…

The story would be something different each day but it’s all the same. NOISE.

All because somewhere in your past you were told that you have to know what is going on all the time.

You might start thinking you have to pay attention to this investing thing every hour, minute or second.

And that starts feeling like a lot. Talk about overwhelm.

You’re not overwhelmed by the market. You’re overwhelmed by your relationship with your pen pal.

Sure, you might like investing and maybe you’re even passionate about it… but every hour? Are you allowed to take a break?

Step away.

Grab a sandwich or maybe even go on vacation.

Not according to that agreement, you made with that writer… I mean “editor.”

So, I want to report on what really went on this week and why it matters.

You can get access to this week’s podcast right here.

In Your Corner,

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