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People are scared of being hurt again AND
they are scared of missing out again.

The next steps are easy...

  • Follow the scheduling prompts above and get a time that works.
  • Once you submit your scheduling information you will be redirected to a 5-minute questionnaire, you have to fill this out.
  • The questionnaire asks questions that you can guess at. No need to look anything up.
  • The questionnaire answers will be emailed to us so we can look them over before our conversation.
  • Properly manage your time so when we connect you can put 100% of your attention on the conversation.
  • If you want... as a bonus you can send your most current portfolio statement to, for us to have when we speak.
  • That's it. Most of the heavy lifting will be done by us.

What Happen's After The Breakthrough meeting? You are going to be having one of three experiences:

  1. The meeting provided value, clarity and insight... and you're glad you finally had it. If this is the case, you may be invited to be a new client this month.
  2. The meeting was a waste of time and held absolutely no value for you. You can't believe you wasted an hour of your life... if this is the case then something went horribly wrong because this quite literally has never happened in 19 years of being in business.
  3. You finally see a better way... A way with clarity, growth and safe acceleration. But you are just so scared to make a move... and so you hope somehow that things will just fix themselves even though that hasn't ever happened.



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