The Future of Investing.

What if everything you've been taught about investing was designed to help someone else? What if big-box advisers and the billion dollar story-based 'pick-of-the-month' newsletter industry put their own self interest before yours? What would that be like? Chaotic? Stressful?

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There's a better choice. A choice where your money is put front and center. A way where all the steps, tools and picks are best for your money and your future? Think about it. When was the last time the growth of your money was priority one?

RC Peck, CFP Founder of Fearless Wealth, Inc.

What Are The Four Most Dangerous Questions An Investment Advisor Asks?

Dangerous Question #1: What's Your Risk Tolerance?

What a stupid question! Yes, I used the word stupid. You want to know your risk tolerance? It's zero when the market is crashing and its 100% when the market's screaming higher. Stop making this about you and start making...

Dangerous Question #2: How Old Are You?

When a financial advisor asks your age, its not out of curiosity. Its because they want to figure out your allocation of stocks to bonds. That's stupid crazy. You think the market cares about your age? It doesn't...

Dangerous Question #3: Can You Sustain a 40% Drop?

In a world of stupid questions, this one lives at the top. If an adviser asks you if you can sustain or how would it be to sustain a 40% drop, run the other way and buy one of two products. Because they have just told...

Dangerous Question #4: What's Your Diversification?

Ahhh. Diversification. It's everywhere, from the big-box, to the boutique, to the robo-advisers. It shows up so many places that you don't even think to question its validity. Diversification is one of the biggest leaks in a world with...

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