The Intelligent Investor Training Course

An interactive group training course, committed to teaching you how to avoid the big drops and grow income from your money, led by RC Peck — certified financial planner and registered investment adviser.

How Does Our Training Work? Simple...

1. Get Lifetime Access to all 6 Training Modules

Each module is designed so your brain dumps the head-trash while learning what really works with ease and almost instant understanding. We meet you where you are.

2. Engage in Personalize Homework So Your Money Gets The Most From Training

Each Module is accompanied by homework assignments that are designed to transform the way you think and behave around money.

3. Participate in Small Group Coaching Calls Hosted by RC Peck, CFP

Get out of your head. And get into a conversation about your money. I cannot tell you how dangerous it is to invest and learn by yourself. This is where the magic brings everything together.

Read What People Are Saying

  • I’ve never been part of a training that was so authentic, measurable and implementable. I’ve got to say, I was skeptical. But now I’m drinking the kool-aid. Thank you. The training transformed my life.
    Renee Romano Renee Romano Nevada
  • What a different point of view. Hard to believe how different your point of view is. I’ve been investing for 30 years. But once I turned 60 I noticed investing changed for me. And really noticed that I couldn’t avoid those hard questionsI had towards the big-box adviser world and the pick of the month newsletter world. Thank you.
    Richard Brannan Richard Brannan NYC
  • RC was the first person to ever get me to behave the way that I knew I was supposed to behave when I was supposed to behave that way. Before RC I only knew what to do, but was never able to do it when I was suppose so.
    Jeff Slayter Jeff Slayter Australia
  • I guess what I feel most is lucky. I’m not sure how else to say it. Yes, I paid for the training. And showed up. But it was RC that made me want to figure this out. He spoke my language and was able to show me with full understanding exactly when to be in and out of the markets. Without trading or timing. He said this to me when we first talked. But I didn’t believe him. I’m a believer now.
    Sean McCool Sean McCool Tennessee
  • THANK YOU!  I've never had such clarity in the investment world and things are going quite well for us.  Our portfolio finally moving upward (which is a huge improvement over going nowhere fast!).  We have you to thank for helping us move past the news and newsletter world into a cold, clinical observation of the market - and ourselves.
    Matt and Kimberly Donner Matt and Kimberly Donner
  • When I started with you, I was following 10 or so people. You were by far the most level-headed person of the bunch. I have learned so much from you. Please never top helping people. You are full of so much wisdom and knowledge. Now I only follow you and the two question approach you taught me.
    Tim Zamp Tim Zamp Canada

Case Studies

Will This Training Work For You?

To be accepted into the training you must meet certain criteria. Our students typically:

Have over $500k at risk in the markets and/or earn over $150,000.

Tried the Big-Box Advisor World...and realized they could not help.

Are skeptical, but still committed to learning what works.

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