New Lifetime Highs AND New Lows… Position Accordingly

Taking its time… If all you’ve been thinking is, the only thing this market does is go higher, then look below. Charlie Bilello has a nice chart showing just how long it’s taken the S&P500 to break above a new 100 point mark. In the last 20 years this is the third longest time it’s…

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Stay Foolish. Get Good Sleep. And Be Rich.


To find answers, you have must ask naive questions.  You have to ask questions, not from experience, but from foolishness. You have to ask questions, not from wisdom, but from folly.  Be “confidently foolish,” and stubbornly stupid. And change happens because of the foolishness and not from the lack.  In all their folly they lacked…

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Avoid These Five Parts Of The Market

avoid these 5 parts of the market

Avoiding what is falling or weakening is as important, if not more important, then buying what’s going up. But when you are taught to diversify over 15 ETFs or more you add complexity to your world. Which means you are going to miss the signal to get out when it happens. And you’ll be owning…

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US Yields Are Plunging… here’s what to do.

No one is prepared… Okay, maybe not “no one,” but very few people are prepared. NOT for the market to get cut in half again but for it to rip higher. With headlines like “… greatest outflows since 2008…” people are scared the next 50% drop will happen while they’re trying to sleep.   But…

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Gold vs. Stocks 2019

Is gold about rip higher? How’s that for a headline? Some believe gold is ready to take off.  Jeffrey Gundlach is one of them and is betting on it.  CNBC covers Jeffrey’s latest opinions on gold right here. So look… I like gold. And have for a long time. And if you’ve never held a…

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Bond Volatility Returns

Volatility has returned to the markets… but not where people are expecting it. The volatility is NOT in stocks… but bonds. And it could cost people a lot. Why is this happening? Has this happened before? What does it mean? If it has happened before how did it resolve itself? Who got hurt? Who didn’t…

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How To Recover Fast(er)

How fast did you recover from the 2008 recession? No. Not how fast did your portfolio recover but how fast did you recover? YOU, the person who’s money went on that wild I-hope-this-never-happens-to-me-again ride? I’m asking because there’s something odd I’ve been noticing. And it’s at the core of many of the problems I’m seeing…

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Is Gold Investment Insurance?

Investment Insurance

My spidey senses light up when I hear someone touting or promoting a conventional investing idea that no longer works. Those are the ones that sound right but are actually wrong. When I read investment advice and I notice my body getting angry it’s usually because someone is selling a lie (at worst) or selling…

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This Chart Tells the China – US Trade War Best

china-us trade war

At 12:00 PM on January 20th 2017, the 45th President of the United States was sworn in. He lost the election by 2.9 million votes, the largest margin ever by a candidate that went on to win the Presidency (wait, what…? Yep. He lost. But because the US still follows an 18 century law, he…

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Investment Lies

In the span of three hours I got an email from Peter Attia, a medical doctor that specializes in longevity. And another one from Shane Parrish, a former Canadian intelligence employee. And yet, they were both talking about the same topic on the same day. The first email referenced an article about two cyclists who…

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