Are Bonds Still Safe?

I hate the word therapist, as in, “I have a therapist.” When I hear people say it, I immediately think, what’s wrong with them. Or they must have a problem. Isn’t that interesting? The first thing my brain does is think “they have a problem and not, wow, they want a better life and they’re…

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Investing When The Market Is Falling

Investing when the market is falling

Fathering starts when kids are at their worst. Kids need their dad most at the end of the day…tired and full of emotions from the past twelve hours of life. They need a safe place to, what I call, “off-gas.” To lower their armor and just be. Be seen. Be loved. And be themselves. Because…

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Is it Time to Get Out of Stocks?

is it time to get out of stocks?

Do you want to BE better? Or, do you want to FEEL better?                 I’ve been a dad for ten years and four months… and then seven years ago I became a “double-dad.” I know, “double-dad” is not a term, but it should be. And so should triple-dad and…

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Do Dividends Matter?

reinvest dividends

My grandma and I never got along. My dad’s mom to be exact, let’s call her Dorothy. Two years after my dad was born she gave him up and moved from Kenosha to Chicago. My grandpa didn’t want him either. Abandoned and unwanted.   When my dad went to my grandmas funeral and introduced himself…

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This Signaled The End Of The Last Bull Market


One of my most endearing memories of my mom growing up was her typing away on our IBM PC Jr. computer. That thing was a piece of junk. If you accidentally touched the screen the whole computer might turn off and the last hour of work gone. So how could a kid go through his…

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P/E Ratios. Do they matter anymore?

There was a moment when I was 16 that I realized, I was different. Not eye-color or hair-color different. But different. I was raised by three women. When you’re a boy in the Midwest getting raised by three women you act different. See the world differently. And even notice what others can’t… or won’t. I…

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Could your child understand this price chart?

child stock chart

I was educated in the Illinois public school system in the 1980’s. Specifically, I was taught to answer the questions my teachers asked. My teachers even gave us students the books that held the right answers they were asking.   All, so we could “memorize” their answers. From their books. And if we got enough…

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The Bull Market Will End: Is It Time To Rebalance?

American Pharoah

In case you missed it, you can watch an “At a Glance” summary of this week’s blog posting here. I want to talk to you about a horse BECAUSE it matters. American Pharoah is the horse to be specific. In 2015 he became the first horse to ever win the Grand Slam of thoroughbred racing.  That…

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Investing For Retirement: That One Thing

Investing For Retirement: That One Thing.

We were all taught to diversify, rebalance and then repeat each year. But is that what’s really best for our money today in 2017? The stock market in the US has been around since 1896 but it wasn’t until 1980 that the general public got involved.  So what’s the one investment ingredient that you have…

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You’d Be Outraged If You Knew How Easy It Was To Get You To Click On This Headline


In case you missed it, you can watch an “At a Glance” summary of this week’s blog posting here. Stella Young died at the age of 32. She was born with what is commonly called “brittle bone disease.” The actual name of her disease is a much longer, unpronounceable “osteogenesis imperfecta.” Here’s what I loved about…

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