Our Stock Market
Performance Numbers

Red Line: S&P500 with Dividends Reinvested.

Blue Line: Fearless Wealth’s Strategy Asking Just Question #1.

This chart shows you the two times in the past 18 years when Fearless Wealth’s Two Questions were able to help avoid two 50% stock market crashes. As you can see The Blue Line never took the catastrophic loss that the Red Line did in the 2000 dot com crash or the 2008 global financial crises.

Red Bar: S&P500 with Dividends Reinvested.

Blue Bar: Fearless Wealth's Strategy Asking Just Question #1.

You can see the Blue Bar out performs the Red Bar over any 7 year rolling period. In fact the Red Bar's average height is 51% while the Blue Bar's average is 175%.

Two Problems that Slow Your Wealth's Growth.

We have researched, prodded, tested and continue to try to break it but no matter what we do, the stock market is the best way to grow and protect your money over the long-term. The long-term numbers of the US stock market beat everything. But hold tight. We don't believe in buy and hold. Not every day, week, month or year but when you take a big step back it’s clear that over any seven plus year rolling average, the US stock market is the best growth and protection vehicle on planet Earth. It beats bonds, currencies and physical assets like real estate and commodities.

BUT… there are two very big unavoidable problems.

Problem #1

At times the stock market has a horrific fall. It gives back all its gains and then some. The average investor sometimes has to wait four, five, or six years just to get back to where they started. These years can be very painful. And even more painful if you're in your 50's, 60's or 70's. Why? Because your earnings runway is either ending or has ended. So each day your account is underwater feels like an eternity. This is one reason people make bad choices.

Problem #2

There are periods of time when the US Stock market is not the best location of new money flows on the planet. So we realized we had to ask ourselves where money is flowing. When we know where the money is flowing we can align ourselves with the option that will accelerate our growth most efficiently and safely.

Our Solution.

Ask two questions and know where to get the answers:

Question #1:

Is the S&P 500 in high probability mode?

Question #2:

Where is the money flowing

High probability mode is simple. When the stock market is in a stable uptrend the probability of growing your money is high. If the market is not in a stable uptrend, your chances of growing your money are low. When the market is in high probability mode we want our money to be invested in the stock market. When it is in low probability mode we want our money out of the market.

Next ask: Where is the Money Flowing? What's great is there are only three places money flows when the market is in high probability AND low probability mode. When you know the answers to these two questions you simply put your money in front of the money flow. It's ruthlessly simple WHICH is why people don't see it. When you see it your future becomes stable, steady and secure.

 Ok. Now What? 

When you ask these questions you can set up your money to avoid the big falls while positioning your money in-front of the flow of new money.

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When you know the answers to these two questions, just look at what happens. Your returns skyrocket! The simplicity of our system is where our advantage lies. The power of asking these two questions and knowing how to answer them is the cornerstone of what you need to secure and protect your future.

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Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.



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