Are You Being Too Conservative?

dominoe effect

Is There Such a Thing as Conservative Investments that are Too Conservative? You often hear me talk about questions and how questions determine outcomes. How they determine your life. And it often comes down to how good the questions you’re asking are. I’ve had a few conversations with a few people that have been out of…

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Are We Slipping Into A Recession?


The Maginot Line A hundred years ago WWI ended. It was a terrible war, fought in Europe with the two main players being Germany and France. Germany invaded France on France’s Eastern boarder. After WWI France decided that Germany wasn’t  going to attack them again like they had just done. So they started building up…

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This Is Why You’ll Miss The Next Market Crash

next market crash

Our Brains Are 100,000 Years Old The human brain is the exact same size it was thousands of years ago. That means we have the exact same brain capacity that our hunter-gather ancestors had. Our brain processing power is exactly the same as it was 10,000 years ago. You might ask the question: How does this affect…

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Money Always Flows into One of these Four Places

There are Two Themes to my Investment World. 1. I look to where people are saying “this doesn’t make sense.” 2. I look where things are so obvious that you just can’t see them because they are right there. In this post I’m going to be addressing the second theme. The question is where and how…

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The Myth of Portfolio Diversification

What Happens When Everyone is Wrong? If everyone is telling you the same thing, but that thing is actually not true, how are you going to figure out that that one thing is actually hurting you? Take the Harvard or Yale Endowment. A lot of people look to this as the standard for successful investing.…

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Do You Have A Plan B?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone and especially to people who’ve had loved ones die in wars or while on active duty. My dad spent three years in the Army during the Berlin Wall years. Still to this day, I love hearing stories about his time spent in France and Germany fixing NATO site locations…

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Valuations And This One Thing Are Killing People’s Futures

The definition of grief is deep sorrow, especially caused by death. The five steps of grief are: 1) Denial and Isolation 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) And finally, Acceptance These stages are universal and are experienced by men and women, the old and young, the rich and the poor, Jews and Muslims, Democrats…

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The Pet Rocks of 21st Century Investing

As robo-advisers, alpha-funds, and balanced-funds become the pet rocks of the internet age of investing – cute but no value – the world is turning to the approach that will change the way people view their investment advisers… Namely… “Probability Investing” is what the internet age brought to investing in 1996 when Netscape IPO’d and…

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Stock Market Lifetime Highs And The Wisdom of the Crowds

From Hoarder to Minimalist 1997 was a big year for me. A lot of things changed in my mind, behavior, and attitude. I was in Hong Kong when it got handed back to China. I stopped watching the news. I was introduced to meditation in general. I became a minimalist. Before 1997 I was what…

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The War Machine Is Starting Up… Are You Prepared?

Prepare yourself because you are about to get hit with the “War Machine” in the next few weeks. You see the billion-dollar story-based pick-of-the-month newsletter has their sights set on your amygdala. And they are going to hit it hard in the following weeks. But if you know how to run counter terrorism against this industry you…

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