The Partnerships You Build and Create Determine Your Future Choices and Security
From Who You Marry (nuptial partnership) to Whom You Choose for Financial Advice. These Partnerships Determine Future.
Who Are Your Partners?


When I was 17 years old,

Like every day for the past three years I came home from school at 4pm. But this time my parents were home, both of them. This was odd, because both of my parents had jobs and usually didn’t get home until after 6pm. Worse, they were both sitting at the kitchen table crying. My first thought was that something happened to one of my two sisters. One was a freshman in college and the other, a junior in college. I had never seen my parents cry before, not even at funerals. I asked what was wrong and if my sister’s were okay. “We are all safe.” Dad said, “Mom and I just found out today that our life savings was embezzled by our financial advisor. All of it is gone.”

Wait…what? I couldn’t wrap my 17-year-old brain around what was being said. What happened?

How does that happen? How does someone steal everything from you? When someone burgles your house, you can see a broken lock or an open window. But to have your life savings stolen…I didn’t get it. How did they do it? It turned out my parents’ financial advisor had stolen everyone’s money at the firm. Everyone’s future was stolen from them. Here is where it got crazy. You know what my dad told me that Friday? He said how lucky we were. “We’ve lost everything and you just turned 50. How are we possibly lucky? This doesn’t feel lucky.” My dad said something I will never forget. He said, “Ron, I’m only 50. I can still work for the next 20 years. There were clients of that advisory firm who were in their 70’s and 80’s. They can’t start over. They’ve lost everything and they’re out of time.”

It took my 17-year-old brain years to figure out what happened. My dad had two daughters already in college and a son ready to start. Three kids in school at once and they had maybe $850 in their checking account. One of my sisters was going to RISD (a very expensive school), and my other sister was going to American University in Washington, D.C. (again not cheap).

I clearly remember the feeling I got when I saw my parents sitting in the kitchen. I was furious, angry and scared to death. To this day, I have to watch myself when I talk about this in public because I usually break down with tears. Years later, I figured out how it happened. My parents trusted and liked their advisor. Heck, I liked him. He came to all of our birthdays and parties. I even remember him giving me $100 bill for my 16th birthday. I didn’t know it at the time but soon after college, I knew what my life was going to be about. I was very clear the differences I would make to people.

I personally vowed to help, to teach and guide people to do everything in my power to ensure that what happened to my family would never happen to one of my clients or anyone that would listen to me.

My ultimate mission in life: have people say their life is better because of knowing RC.

If you want to learn how money works, then you have to learn it from people who are objective, unbiased and understand that wealth is about ones behavior and not the stock market. It’s the only way I’ve seen people get wealthy.

When I came back from working in Asia in my mid-20’s, I had a bag load of money. I worked non-stop for years, was paid an expatriate salary, and saved 100% of everything I made. Basically I was on one long business trip for three years. So everything was covered by the company. By the time I was 25 years old, I had 650,000 airline miles. And at 27, I had been to 46 countries on five continents. I knew the inside of every Mileage Plus lounge from Boston to Bombay. Since age 15 I had been investing in stocks, but with very mixed results (read: I lost all the money I invested). When I returned to the US after living in India, I was ready to talk to the ‘experts’ so I visited the usual suspects: Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Edward Jones, AG Edwards, etc. I saw them all.

They all said the exact same thing: Give us your money and we will manage it for you. But what did that mean? How does that work? I kept asking questions until they stopped answering my emails and phone calls.

Then it dawned on me: they didn’t know.

They didn’t know the answers to my questions yet they certainly had products to sell me. They either wanted to manage my money (called assets under management), sell me mutual funds, or sell me something called a variable annuity, which none of them could really explain very well. So I jumped in with both feet and became a commodities trader. I figured I’d teach myself how money work and from there, I quickly learned that Wall Street wasn’t able to help me or others. This realization is where the idea for my company was birthed.

I decided to build a company to truly educate people about money and how their brain works around it and how to invest wisely.

As far as I know, when I started, Fearless Wealth was the only investment education company in the world that was not selling financial products – and it has had a great track record for protecting people’s money since 1998 when I got my first paid client.

Fearless Wealth is a safe haven for people to learn what they really need to know about protecting and growing their wealth. Fearless Wealth teaches how to protecting your wealth from inflation, Wall Street, misinformation, and yes, from our own dangerous thoughts.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people thrive under any market or economic condition and any thing life can throw at you.

If you’ve ever wondered about what it would be like to truly understand money, investing and the psychology that wraps it up, you’re home.

Together, we are protecting and growing your money.


I work with people that have noticed their net worth is not reflective of the time, energy and sacrifice they have put into their career.
They went to the ‘big box financial’ advisors.


They did what the ‘experts’ told them to do. And yet, their net worth does not reflect a future with more choices. In fact it reflects just the opposite.

They are saying to themselves, “I can’t do another ten years like I just had.”

Fearless Wealth clients are successful professionals that are busy and sometimes overwhelmed from being employers, employees, parents, spouses, entrepreneurs and care givers.

My clients possess the expertise in their field of study which allows them to earn well and be at the top of their field. They are lawyers, doctors, scientists, sales executives, directors, managers and entrepreneurs. What they all have in common is they are smart, intelligent and earn well but haven’t seen their net worth increase to the amount they desire.

The skills my clients do not have are the expertise to save, grow and protect their money consistently through all economic cycles while being on the same page as their partner.

Do these “investment” scenarios sound like you?

You and your partner fight about money. You are in a solid committed relationship but whenever the topic of money comes up the conversation gets ugly and resentment builds. You are asking, “How do we stop fighting and get on the same page about money?”

You can’t possibly work any harder. You have done the right thing according to the big box financial advisors, the over-hyped weekend courses and that financial advisor that you trusted but your net worth has not increased accordingly. You are fearful it may be too late. You are asking, “How do make up for lost time?”

You earn well but you would like the choice to not have to work so much and spend more time doing what you want to do. You want the freedom and choice to not work but you cannot figure out how to make that happen. You may be wondering, “Will I ever feel in control of my time?”

You are stuck, maybe even embarrassed or worse yet ashamed of being where you are relative to your money. You have the training, the expertise and knowledge to make a difference in your field of study but you have no idea where to start with your money.


It feels like you don’t have choices and you’re hiding a little secret. Maybe you are saying to yourself, “I need to get unstuck but I am scared.”

You have a built-in aversion to everything money. You think you can either be a good person or a person with money but not both. You are starting to notice more and more that something needs to be done about your retirement, the kid’s education, your future.

You need financial certainty for you and your family but don’t know where to start.

Your money is likely to grow if…

  1. You strive for excellence in your field of work and marriage.
    Status quo is not good enough.
  2. You realize you cannot know everything but you are willing to
    do the work to implement the advice given.
  3. You are open to being coached and learning new ways of thinking
    about wealth and money.
  4. You are willing to work and do what it takes to get results.
  5. You understand that true wealth is not a get-rich-quick scheme
    but that it’s a system implemented over time.
  6. You are willing to work, not just on a technical level, but also on your behaviors and beliefs about money.


What would it be like for you and your money to implement a personal finance strategy outside of a financial product sales process?
Really, think about it. Have you ever had objective, third-party, unbiased advise about your money?


I promise to never sell you a financial product. Sounds weird I know but hear me out.

Most people learn about money within a very biased and subjective process and end up getting below average results which hurts their future and their children’s future. On this page I will tell you the kind of results my clients report. I will give you a sense of my philosophy, my approach to wealth protection and accumulation and how I am different from most financial advisors.

When you work with me you can expect to have your desired outcome and eliminate your key frustrations around money. Your money will grow and be protected in just the right way to have your net worth increase regardless of the economic cycle.

You can expect you and your partner to be in alignment and work as team in regards to spending, saving and growing your money. Your intimacy will increase in your relationship and fighting will vanish.

You can expect to make up for lost time. You will notice almost immediately that your net worth is increasing and your fears about it being too late are eliminated.

You will experience that what you want IS happening if it hasn’t already happened.

You will feel in control of your time and you can expect to know the exact date when you choose to stop working … if you’d like. You will get to do what you want with your time.

You will become unstuck and are already doing exactly what you need to do with your money. Your embarrassment of what you don’t know will be eliminated.

You will have a certain future. You will know that you will be able to afford retirement, the kid’s education, the trips to Europe and that vacation home without spending lots of time doing ‘stock stuff’ or ‘real estate’ stuff.

Our Guiding Investment Beliefs

Agreeing with your partner about money is NOT optional. You are in a committed relationship for many reasons and stressing about money is not status quo.

We work very closely with clients to bring both parties into agreement about how they will spend, save and grow their money. Our clients have a plan and work as a team.

You should have the option to not work way before retirement demands you to stop.

You should be able to have freedom and security while knowing that your future is certain.

Anyone can have a proven, time tested strategy to grow money in any market cycle. Your money should be protected from the changes in the economy, inflation and the markets without you spending hours a week trading.

You have the right to increase your net worth EVERY year without having to work harder. You should be able to leverage the natural science of money to your advantage so you can work less and enjoy more.

Our Approach to Wealth Building With Each Client.

We believe in tailored made solutions for each client and never use the boiler plate approach.

We work with every client with the same attitude to ensure they get what they want with the least amount of struggle.

We are flexible. We understand that every client needs something different and are at different stages in life and their career.

We believe that a lot of what allows someone to have the wealth they desire has to do with their behaviors and beliefs about money.

Small shifts can bring about big changes.

We don’t speak finance talk. We’re not just CFP™ and Registered Investment Advisors. We never make our clients feel stupid by using complicated words or concepts.

We believe in transferring our skills and capabilities about wealth creation so you do not need us forever.

We believe money is simple. People simply have never been taught how to grow and protect money. Our clients repeatedly say how they understand investing for the first time.

We believe we can have fun during the process of having you get what you want. We believe that your results should start immediately. Putting your interests first is guaranteed, even if that means less business for us.

What Makes Our Approach to Money & Investing Unique

It’s people who matter most, not numbers. We love working with people to help them get what they want. Yes, we have to make sure our client’s money is protected and growing but we also think of our clients as family.

What makes Fearless Wealth different? Rather than have a conversation with you about what products you own, we look at your past and notice what has worked and what hasn’t for you and for your money. We first look to see if we are even a fit and no, we are not a fit for everyone.

We base our work on results. Whether it’s managing someones money or having them personally learn the simple strategies themselves we are extremely autonomous and truly want what is best for you and your money.

We want to educate you first so you can be an informed consumer on growing and protecting your wealth even if this means you learning how to personally manage your money. We have to do three things:

  1. Make sure your money is not in any immediate danger.
  2. Teach you the rules of growing and protecting money.
  3. Align your behaviors with the goals you set.

What makes us stand out is our ability AND expertise in bringing about remarkable changes in peoples wealth where there was no change before. We are able to get people to the next level regardless of their income or net worth.

Why do I need Fearless Wealth?
Without Fearless Wealth people’s lives, money and choices are steered by the ups and downs of the market and by those hidden transparent beliefs. Let me explain … imagine that the people you feared, like least and get overwhelmed by, are naturally and automatically deciding 90% of your money decisions. That is what life is without Fearless Wealth.

Choose Fearless Wealth to take back the control of your future, eliminate market stress and live into a future with more than enough money.

Together, we are protecting and growing your wealth.

June 2011’s Market Review

My Philosophy

Our Strategies


What are your next steps?

If you’d like to join my Investment Peer Group, which I call Investor’s Elite, you can do that here.

If you’d like to learn more about working with me one-on-one, you can email and we can speak.

Together, we are growing and protecting your wealth,

Conventional Investment Systems do not adjust to the change in economic climate or appropriately manage an Investors losses.
The Fearless Wealth Algorithms pivot
on the probability of making or losing money.
These ‘hedge fund’ like algorithms are focused
on managing long-term risk, thus greatly
lowering the loss of capital and making
the growth of money safer and easier.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the returns of the strategies my clients have been following since June of 1998. You will find that the returns, philosophy and approach are logical, clear and effective.

This page has three sections that will answer most of your questions, if not all of them. Please contact me if you’d like more clarity or information on how this approach may work with you. There are three sections to the page:

  1. The Performance of the Fearless Wealth Strategies over the past ten years, five years, three years, one year and year-to-date. Please note all returns are compounded annually.

  1. My June 2011 Insiders Club Market Review. In this video I review the stock market, the real estate market, the bond market, the commodities market, and the economy. At the end of each section I provide one or two key take-a-ways.

  1. My philosophy on investing and an explanation of the four investment strategies I designed in the 1990s.

Please note: nothing on this page should be viewed as advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any investment. There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. THE INVESTOR RISKS THE COMPLETE LOSS OF THEIR CAPITAL WHEN INVESTING.

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about how I see the world of investing.

Together, we are protecting and growing your wealth,

Dear Reader,

The reason the Fearless Wealth Hedge Fund Algorithms work so well is because they are designed to manage an investors ‘down side’risk first.

The Algorithms are designed to first make sure that an investors loss is minimized.

Conventional Investment Advisors have no mechanism to manage a person’s downside. They believe the investors money should ALWAYS be in the market. I don’t have that belief.

Before I go on, let me define the word “algorithm” as it will be the only 25 cent word I use on this website.

An algorithm is defined as a well defined set of instructions for automating the process of

calculating a set of data in a finite way. English speak: its a formula that creates a signal when certain parameters are met.

Okay, back to the conversation of why managing losses is important.

If an investor buys a stock at $10 and it falls to $5, they instantly lose 50% of their capital. To recoup that lost money that investor has to grow that remaining $5 by 100%.

150 years of market history and statistics shows that it will take the average investor 15 years to get their money back just to where they started. And that 15 years does not include inflation and opportunity cost.

When investors follow an algorithm that never takes a big loss that cannot quickly be recouped, they are spared the lifetime of playing ‘catch-up’.

And of course if an investor is playing ‘catch up’ they are not playing “I-get-to-retire-on-time.”

Why the Fearless Wealth Algorithms work:

  1. They never take big losses. (We were out of the market in 2001, 2002, 2008)
  2. They expect losses and prepare for them.
  3. They are focused on long-term gains (and not short-term).
  4. They are okay investing in an asset class quarters or years before the public shows up.
  5. They are okay holding cash sometimes.
  6. They do not demand that the markets go up in order to make money.

Major Historic Calls

WARNING: There is no guarantee that any investment product will achieve its objectives, generate profits, or avoid losses. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. YOU AS THE INVESTOR TAKE ALL THE RISK.

I am showing you these past major calls for one simple reason: I want the reader to notice how we are not afraid to manage risk first, and second, to move our money ahead of the crowd.

Get out of the stock market.”
(November 3rd 2000)
The SP500 fell 45.56% before bottoming after this day.

Back the truck up. It’s time to get into the market with leverage.”
(May 31st 2003)
The mutual fund RC recommended, RYTNX, rose 82.43%, beating the market by 97%.

Put 5% of your portfolio in gold and hold for 13 years.”
(August 17th 2004)
Gold on 8/17/04 was $425 an ounce.

Get out of Bank Stocks.”
(October 12th 2007)
Bank stocks fell (as measured by XLF) by 83% the following 15 months.

Avoid all Real Estate Investing!”
(January 5th 2007)
Housing has fallen 33% Nationwide since 11/07

Get out of the stock market and move to cash.”
(January 15th 2008)
The SP500 fell by another 47.60% after that.

Silver is greatly undervalued to gold. Buy Silver over gold.”
(April 2nd 2009)
Silver moved up 82% faster than gold from 4/2/09 to 10/8/10.

It’s time to get back into the market.”
(August 6th 2009)
The SP500 has increased 15.31% to 10/8/10.

Buy long-term US treasuries with 300% leverage.”
(February 9th 2010)
Our boring treasury purchase beat the market by 400% in four months!”

“Gold will never hit $1,000 an ounce ever again.”
(October 5th, 2009)

Questions & Answers


How many investors do you have following you?
The honest answer is I don’t know. I started my company in 1998 and each year I touch or work with 5000 people.

What are the risks factors with each of your algorithms? People often believe that one must risk more to gain more, why this may be (or may not be) true in the world of earning money. This is absolutely not true in the world of investing money. The very idea that an investor has to bet big to win big is, not only false, but dangerous.

The algorithms that my clients use work because they turn risks on its head. Literally when the market get’s “risky” is when the algorithms signal to get out. All of my systems were built to manage risk and expect it, therefore they are expecting risk every day and are prepared for risk every day.

Who are your main information sources?
This is a big question. My first answer is everyone. I listen to everyone but follow very few. I want to know what people are saying on TV and on the Internet and in the blogs because that represents what the masses are probably thinking. But if you are asking who has influenced and molded my approach, the answer is Jim Rogers, John Henry, John Paulson, Rich Dennis, Ed Sakota, Tom Basso, Bruce Berkowitz, Stanley Druckenmiller, and William Eckhardt, to name a few. Out of that list – and it is not at all an exhaustive list – the investment systems I teach and follow are generally based on the ‘investment’ billionaires of Jim Rogers, John Henry, John Paulson and Bruce Berkowitz.

Does your program teach you how to invest in the stocks directly, and not in mutual funds, and that this saves the expense of managing these funds? Mutual funds are essentially dead. They are a product of the 1990s. What my algorithms do is to show you where the highest probability investments are in the market. This almost never includes mutual funds.

Do you receive any financial compensation from any of the buys you recommend?
No. I do not receive any compensation from any of my recommendations or introductions I make.

How do you get compensated?
If you are asking how I make my money, I make it through my clients paying me to educate, guide, and coach them to do what is best for their money. My business model is very transparent. People receive objective, unbiased, third-party guidance from me.

Are all Fearless Wealth investors following the same plan?
Not all of my clients are following the same plan. When I work with my private clients we work together on building the best system for them and their money. Each one of my one-on-one clients has a tailor-made plan for them. No boilerplate.

What do you call your investment approach?
Mostly I call it ‘probability investing,’ though that is not an industry term, like ‘value investing’ or ‘fundamental investing’ or ‘technical investing’ or even ‘behavior investing’. ‘Probability investing’ is the intersection of value investing, fundamental investing, technical investing and behavioral investing. There are parts from all four disciplines that are extremely relevant and powerful. And there are parts from all four that are potentially dangerous and limiting. I simply took the best parts and put them in a single approach: “probability investing.”

Together, we are growing and protecting your wealth,